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The name Shuddham itself is self explanatory, everything which comes under this umbrella is 100% Shuddh.

Our main motive is सर्वे सन्तु निरामया:|
Our aim is to provide chemical free and non refined oil to enhance human health by allowing people to access a wide range of quality oils and to bring and spread the traditional knowledge of ghani (cold pressed).

We specialize in bringing high quality and premium edible oils in order to make our customers healthy, beauty and goodness.

Shuddham International is a FSSAI certified and continually growing Indian company having manufacturing unit in Indore, Madya Pradesh. We are the leading specialist manufacturers of high quality cold pressed oils, using our traditional method.

Groundnut Oil
Cholesterol Free & No Preservatives
Boosts Heart Health & Lowers Blood Pressure.
Prevents Cognitive Disorders & Boosts Immune System.

Coconut Oil
For Paleo Diet
Reduces Protein Loss & Nourishes Hair
Strengthens Immune System
Improves Bone Strength & Dental Health

Mustard Oil
Helps fight off harmful bacteria
Decreases inflammation
Relieves body pain
Treat arthritis & Soothe aches and pains

Sesame Oil
Helps in treats of premature graying of hair
Helps in rheumatoid arthritis
Helps in lowering in blood pressure 
Helps to fight stress and depression
Oil pulling for improving oral health
Helps in maintaining good skin health
Helps in preventing diabetes
Helps in natural cure for anemia
Helps to improve growth of bones.
Protects against heart attack and strokes

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